Five Things You Can Learn About Relationships from Your Favorite Celebrity Couples

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Five Things You Can Learn About Relationships from Your Favorite Celebrity Couples

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Forget the drama and heartache of Hollywood. Every once in a while, a celebrity couple comes along that teach us a thing or two about successful relationships. relationship advice offers us five of our favorite celebrity couples who show us what love really looks like.


Brad and Angelina


Brad and Angelina are the ultimate power couple. They are worth more than some countries GDP, and anything associated with their name is an instant hit. That power is perhaps even more evident when you consider their relationship. Whether it’s shuttling one of their six kids to an appointment, or defending one another in the press, they have each other’s back.


Keith and Nicole


This couple demonstrates the true meaning of the vow “for better or for worse.” Keith checked into rehab shortly after their 2006 wedding with Nicole’s full support, while Nicole has been quoted to say that Keith saved her from unshakeable depression. Their unfailing loyalty and devotion are a rare find in Hollywood.


Jay-Z and Beyonce


Jay-Z and Beyonce are world famous, but they keep the intimate details of their personal life strictly private. In fact, the world had no idea for several years that the two performers were even a couple. Sure, they release information that they deem relevant, like the pictures of their daughter Blue Ivy, but they maintain control over that information and eschew any that isn’t relevant or appropriate for public consumption. They remind us that full public disclosure is never good for any relationship.


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner


Ben and Jen are two of the most grounded stars around. Part of that comes from the fact that they live a regular life in Boston that is far away from the havoc and mayhem in Hollywood. Another reason is that they have a keen focus on family and their well-adjusted children. They prove that down-to-earth can still be glamorous.


Prince William and Princess Kate


The world loves William and Kate, but their courtship could have been disastrous had they given in to the demands and scrutiny that followed them. Instead, they took their time and lived life on their own terms until they felt they were ready for the next step. Their relationship is stronger because of it.


Hollywood scandals and divorces may never go away, but some couples show us the best things that relationships have to offer. Take these lessons and apply them in your own life.

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