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Funny Couples CostumesWhether you’re looking to make yourself or your friends giggle, you can’t go wrong with a funny Halloween costume! And better yet, if you’re in a relationship for this Halloween you can’t go wrong with these funny couple costumes! If you haven’t ever dressed up in a funny Halloween costume before, you’re bound to love the experience this year!

Some of the best funny Halloween costumes come in pairs for couples. Dressing up in something funny with your significant other can be a great way to connect, reconnect, or simply enjoy a fun night together! Here are some of the funniest couples costumes:

1. Super Mario and Luigi Couples Costume: This is the perfect costume for any super couple! It’s a costume that will attract both laughs and admiration. It’s a costume that will be comfortable all night. It also carries with it a lot of inside jokes, if you’re familiar with any of the Super Mario and Luigi games.

2. Ramen and College Student Couples Costume: Whether or not you’re actually a college student, throw on a pair of blue jeans and a polo and put your partner in this ramen costume! This is a great way to go simple (because you only need to buy one part of the costume) and you’re likely to have an easy time finding something for your partner to wear.

3. Potato Heads Couples Costume: This is a classic and funny couples costume that is rarely seen at parties and always appreciated. If you’re looking for a costume that will work for a number of different parties or events, you should consider Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head because it will be great to wear in front of kids and adults alike.

4. Peas and Carrots Couples Costume: This costume is a great option because everyone knows that peas and carrots are the ultimate duo! This costume is cute, funny and the perfect way to dress up as a couple! You won’t find many other peas and carrots at the parties you attend, so you and your partner are sure to stand out! Dressing up in this funny couples costume will attract laughs from all different age groups.

5. Naughty Nun and Confessional Couples Costume: If you’re going for something a little sexier but still funny, this is the perfect costume for you! You can still maintain your sex appeal while also making people laugh. Funny couples that also like to look good will love this costume duo! Like many of the other costumes on this list, you won’t likely find anyone else with this costume at the parties you go to!

As you can see, there’s a funny couple costume for everyone at the party! You don’t have to completely leave your comfort zone in order to dress up funny for Halloween! But hey, if you want to leave your comfort zone, go for it, visit today:!

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