Shaving Tips for Men

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Shaving Tips for MenShaving your face is something that most men have to deal with on a regular basis. For some men, shaving is a chore that can leave their faces uneven and irritated. Not having a full understanding of the art of shaving can create uncomfortable and unsightly problems for your skin and can damper your self-confidence a bit. In this article, you will learn the best techniques for shaving and attaining a polished and well groomed look, without all the irritation.

The most important tip about shaving is having a great razor. There are good disposable razors on the market today that offer a good shave and are a little more cost effective. However, the old-fashioned doubled edged razor is by far the way to go. The blades are not the cheapest around, but are worth it when you consider the close shave you will get. These razors are also a little easier to handle if you have a lot of trimming to do around a beard or mustache.

Now that you have the best razor around, make sure you change your blades when you should. It is very tempting to leave that dull blade in your razor for a few more shaves before you change it in an effort to save money. The problem is that your skin will pay the price for your frugality. Changing your blade will ensure a close shave and will decrease the irritation on your skin.

The next item to consider when searching for the best shave is the shaving cream you are using. The purpose of using shaving cream is so that it will prepare your skin and hair to be shaved and to help the razor glide across your skin, lessening irritation and the possibility of nicks. The other function of shaving cream is to moisturize your skin and protect it from drying out. To get the best benefit from your shaving cream, you should leave it on your face for about a minute before you shave to make sure your face is completely moisturized and prepared for shaving.

After shave is the final ingredient to a good shave and to avoid irritation. After shave calms and moisturizes the skin. It is important to purchase after shave lotions or balms that are specifically made for men as they address the different skin requirements for men. Apply generously after a shave and the after shave will leave you with a moisturized feel without being greasy.

Now that you have learned a few more tricks in the art of shaving, you will be better equipped to get just the right shave you are looking for without irritating your skin. Hopefully, after applying these tips, shaving will seem more like a spa treatment than a chore.

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